CentralApp updates
CentralApp updates

Multi-level navigation & direct transactions





One of the critical elements we measure on our website is conversion. And one of the key elements which will help increase the conversion rate is reducing the number of clicks a potential lead has to make a booking, schedule an appointment, order for delivery or simply get in touch with your business.

This update includes various small improvements to reduce the number of clicks your visitor could make on your website which can be classified into two main categories.

1. Multi-level navigation

Some of our pages could now have multi-level navigation. In this first release, it means that individual menus or individual locations within a chain can now be accessed directly from the main navigation.

This update takes into account our branding system, so the look & feel may be very different on your website.

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2. One-click access

We have made multiple updates to make it possible to access specific pages or third party integration directly when there was no need to redirect a visitor to a detailed page in between.

Here are some of the use-cases:

  • Websites that are only using one third party integration for a given service
  • Website that is only using the phone for a given service
  • Website that only has one menu.

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