CentralApp updates
CentralApp updates

Improved Intro & Navigation & More logo options







We have been working actively with our BETA users to improve the branding of the websites, taking their feedback to understand what we had to change in order to improve the first thing you see when you land on a website : The INTRO and the NAVIGATION

This release includes:

  • Countless new cases for the branding system for all industries.
  • Support for new types of logos (more explanation below).
  • Support for slogans.

Some descriptive fields have also been renamed to clarify the content that was expected.

Support for more Logos

Initially we only had support for combination logos and profile picture. We have now added support for logotype and logomark that can be added separately into the page "Visuals".

Logotype (or wordmark)

This is the most common type of logo and they are quite easy to identify. This type of logo uses a word, often the name of the company, as the main center and focal point. It relies heavily on a clever choice of fonts, which means that the font itself is often a direct reminder of the brand name.



Logomark is mostly used by more established companies. It uses a symbol or icon as the main focal point of the logo.



Combination logos are just what they sound like: a combination of logotype and logomark arranged in a unique manner.