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Featured Messages





Sometimes you want to give a specific message to your visitor and make sure they read it as soon as they land on your website.

We have chosen to released featured message which takes the form of a bar that will be displayed at the top of your website to avoid the usual annoying pop-up which are often closed before they are read by your visitor.

Type of featured messages

There are three types of "messages" you can choose from

  • Business Objective : Choosing a business objective is often the best option if the end goal of your message is to encourage your visitor to book, order, request a quote, hire etc … The bar will have a button that will link to an internal page
  • Informative Bar : This type of bar is meant at giving a useful information which you don't expect your visitor to act on.
  • Custom : Those bars can include an external link.

Planning & Auto-publishing

You can program an unlimited list of message with a publication & expiration day so they will appear automatically on your website without any further intervention necessary on your end.

Only one message can be active at a given time so you won't be able to add overlapping publishing dates.

Custom Color

Each message can have a specific color which can be selected separately from your website color. To help you choose, our system will always suggest some colors based on your branding.


Each message can be translated in all languages of your website.