CentralApp updates
CentralApp updates

Billing information & Invoices





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As part of our transition to the new version of CentralApp, you will now also see the billing information, invoices & payment methods in the new version of CentralApp.

In our previous version, some billing-related information was only available by contacting us or checking your activation email. With this release we have taken the opportunity to increase the details you can view at any time on the billing page:

  • Contract details ( Contract duration, notice period and renewal scheme).
  • Active addons.
  • Number of locations purchased & Active.
  • Billing info ( Name, address, VAT number).

For most of our clients, we have made it possible to view the invoices from our previous version. However, in some rare cases, you will still need to get in touch with us to get a copy of the invoices issued before the transfer.