CentralApp updates
CentralApp updates

Instagram Wall





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Many of our clients are active on Instagram today, sometimes posting daily about their business. With this new feature, we wanted to offer them a great way to showcase their Instagram images or videos without manually adding them to the gallery. As you add content to a connected Instagram account, it will automatically sync to show your latest posts on your website.

The number of posts visible on the website will vary based on the screen size and the branding settings of your business.

A minimum of 4 Instagram posts is needed to start using this feature.

New language: Dutch






As part of our transition to the new version of CentralApp for our Belgian & Dutch clients, we have now re-enabled the Dutch language on CentralApp. If your plan allows multi-language, you can enable it today in the settings of your company.

If you need to change the primary language of your company to Dutch, please get in touch with your support at support@centralapp.com team so we can do it for you.

Billing information & Invoices





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As part of our transition to the new version of CentralApp, you will now also see the billing information, invoices & payment methods in the new version of CentralApp.

In our previous version, some billing-related information was only available by contacting us or checking your activation email. With this release we have taken the opportunity to increase the details you can view at any time on the billing page:

  • Contract details ( Contract duration, notice period and renewal scheme).
  • Active addons.
  • Number of locations purchased & Active.
  • Billing info ( Name, address, VAT number).

For most of our clients, we have made it possible to view the invoices from our previous version. However, in some rare cases, you will still need to get in touch with us to get a copy of the invoices issued before the transfer.

Multi-level navigation & direct transactions





One of the critical elements we measure on our website is conversion. And one of the key elements which will help increase the conversion rate is reducing the number of clicks a potential lead has to make a booking, schedule an appointment, order for delivery or simply get in touch with your business.

This update includes various small improvements to reduce the number of clicks your visitor could make on your website which can be classified into two main categories.

1. Multi-level navigation

Some of our pages could now have multi-level navigation. In this first release, it means that individual menus or individual locations within a chain can now be accessed directly from the main navigation.

This update takes into account our branding system, so the look & feel may be very different on your website.

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2. One-click access

We have made multiple updates to make it possible to access specific pages or third party integration directly when there was no need to redirect a visitor to a detailed page in between.

Here are some of the use-cases:

  • Websites that are only using one third party integration for a given service
  • Website that is only using the phone for a given service
  • Website that only has one menu.

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Fix & Improvements







Based on the feedback received, the following changes are now live


  • Complete revamp of the featured messages in order to better fit the screen size and content.
  • Fixing multiple alignment issues related to feature messages.
  • Fix an issue where Belgium will be always pre-selected for phone number inputs
  • List of jobs now includes some key information on the job position.
  • More location details are now displayed in the info & contact sections
  • Multiple adjustments to font sizes, mostly for very small & very large screens.
  • Various translations have been improved & typos fixed


  • Fix multiple issues where some information could not be deleted.
  • Fix an issue where some phone numbers were wrongly detected as invalid.
  • Various translations have been improved & typos fixed

Menu Builder








With our new menu editing tool, we wanted to take the hassle of updating and editing your menu in a word document or through an editing agency and turns it into something simple and easy to manage.

With this improved feature (ie. on top of uploading PDF menus) you can now create & edit multiple menus directly in CentralApp. Our editor will make it possible for you to add sections, menu items, promotional prices or prices variations, define allergens, define custom tags & add dietary restrictions.

When your menu is ready to be published, you can program its publication on one or multiple locations, but also hide the price if they vary between your different locations.

You can book a demo of this new feature with one of our specialists on the following link : Book a demo

Accessibility, SEO & Performance





SEO Improvements

As part of our long term commitment on improving the quality & accessibility of our websites we have done the following fixes :

  • Various fixes to make sure our website are accessible to all based on A11Y standard.
  • Various image optimisation to reduce the loading time of our websites.
  • SEO fixes, improvements of meta data & website information hierarchy.
  • Fixing the inclusion of external script

Website page redirections





When setting a new website live on the same domain name, the page structure of your website may change dramatically.

As some of those page may continue to receive traffic (referenced on another website, displayed in search results, etc.) this traffic can be redirected to the page of your choice in the website settings.

On a technical standpoint, all the redirections configured are 301 (Permanent) redirects.

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Fix & Small Improvements





Based on the feedback received, the following changes are now live


  • Improved layout for team members
  • Improved layout for the about us page
  • Various improvements on the new intro & logo support.
  • Fix an issue where some addresses would not be supported.
  • Fix an issue where a website would be shown without a specific branding.
  • Fix an issue where the newsletter opt-in would always be displayed on the contact form.


  • New inbox feature to remove all DEMO items in bulk.
  • New inbox feature to avoid duplicate confirmations for Table Booking requests.
  • Overall improvements to the team page and ability to delete team member photos.
  • Fix an issue where some addresses would not be supported.
  • Fix an issue where PDF menus could not be edited.
  • Fix an issue with filters on Inbox items.
  • Fix an issue where vertical SVG logos would overflow.
  • Proactively show last updates.
  • Various translations have been improved & typos fixed.


  • Fix an issue where some notifications would not be sent.

Improved Intro & Navigation & More logo options







We have been working actively with our BETA users to improve the branding of the websites, taking their feedback to understand what we had to change in order to improve the first thing you see when you land on a website : The INTRO and the NAVIGATION

This release includes:

  • Countless new cases for the branding system for all industries.
  • Support for new types of logos (more explanation below).
  • Support for slogans.

Some descriptive fields have also been renamed to clarify the content that was expected.

Support for more Logos

Initially we only had support for combination logos and profile picture. We have now added support for logotype and logomark that can be added separately into the page "Visuals".

Logotype (or wordmark)

This is the most common type of logo and they are quite easy to identify. This type of logo uses a word, often the name of the company, as the main center and focal point. It relies heavily on a clever choice of fonts, which means that the font itself is often a direct reminder of the brand name.



Logomark is mostly used by more established companies. It uses a symbol or icon as the main focal point of the logo.



Combination logos are just what they sound like: a combination of logotype and logomark arranged in a unique manner.