Website loading time

Loading time is one of the most important element to keep your visitors on your website. We have recently implemented further optimisation on images and structure of the website to make sure they score 100/100 for al your clients.

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Special opening hours

You can now program special opening hours, holidays, etc. in advance and CentralApp will then display them automatically on your website, Google Search & Google Maps.

This was a much requested feature and we hope that you will be able to use this during this summer.

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New Deliveroo Integration

The deliveroo integration has been update to reflect their new branding

Quality guidlines for history & descriptions

History and description can no longer include email, phone or CAPSLOCK. A specific error message is shown to the user. This was creating errors for our presence management product.

New websites & Apps

New websites & apps were added to our Local SEO solution for all countries & categories of business :

  • Waze (Connected GPS),
  • Instagram Locations,
  • Apple Maps (on all iPhones),
  • Uber
  • Pinterest Geo Tags

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Overall reliability improvement of Local SEO

We are committed to give you the most reliable local SEO solution. We have just finished an overall reliability improvement of the local SEO solution :

  • Major errors are now managed on most publishers
  • Update requests are now queued so update do not fail due to temporary unavailability of a service or if multiple updates are done in a very short time period
  • Catch-all tracking for future errors (All update failure are now systematically analysed & retried after a structural fix has been made).
  • 30+ small other fixes across all publishers

Better support for unofficial addresses

Unofficial addresses were used by some businesses making it impossible for our Local SEO solution to work properly.

Each address is now verified against official maps and a warning will now be shown for each address which is not recognised.

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Legal Notice page

Following new EU ruling, European local businesses are now required to have a legal notice page on their website.

To comply with this new legislation a new legal notice page is now automatically created for all Smart Websites users and a new legal data & document has been made available in CentralApp (located in the settings of each location or chain).

If you have any question on this new feature, please refer to our updated helpdesk : or drop us an email at

CentralApp 2.0

CentralApp is all about building a robust marketing solution that will take care of the ever-evolving marketing needs of local businesses. Working towards that objective, we thought it was high time to build lasting foundations for the years to come.

We are glad to announce we have just finished a 6 month project and rolled out a brand-new design for all our products.

This major update comes with a very long list of new features, improvements and bug fixes. But the most importantly, this release is the foundation for the future!

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No published changelogs yet.

Surely CentralApp will start publishing changelogs very soon.

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